Monday, January 4, 2010

Tie A string around my Finger

Almost forgot it was "Trash to treasure Tuesday" Give me a few weeks of an I will forget the routine! This week I solved two longtime problems in my house- How to keep my garden twine around without it getting tangled and twisted; and What to do with those phony nut cans and coffee cans (from Trader Joe's) The answer- A Twine Holder:

I took an ordinary empty nut can
Cut a hole in the lid, with a slit in the hole

I considered wrapping it in gift wrap for more of a design, but went simple and just peeled off the label, and use a sharpie to write "Twine". The slit in the hole of the lid is to lock the twine in place for easy access to it

This is a Trash to Treasure at ReInvented Blog Post


Unknown said...

Awesome Rob! Practical and cheap, two of my favorites! Thanks for linking up, I'm so glad you didn't forget!

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous idea!!

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I'm pretty impressed to see how you are able to do such a great and useful stuff from an ordinary empty nut can. Keep up the good work!