Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrift Store SCORE!!!

I had a day off yesterday so I went around to my various thrift stores around town. Boy did I ever score at the new thrift store, Yard Sale. I found a bag of Angel Napkin Rings. I say Napkin rings because I wouldn't know what else they would be used for. Luckily the Ring part just snaps off after a little friendly persuasion form yours truly.
I kept four as Napkin Rings for a Christmas present for mom for next year (She collects Napkin Rings in the hopes that someday her son and some of her other relatives might be couth enough to use them in the proper manner- not for snot rags). The rest will become Tree ornaments. The rings I removed will become napkin rings again with something else attached to them. Also I scored 2 wine boxes, a rolling pin, and a scrabble game ( I buy old word games for the tiles to use in other things) and Scrabble dictionary. Nice Haul if I say so myself!

Angels - De-Ringed

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Beth E-R said...

Looks like you had the perfect day off from work!

Beth of Salvage Studio