Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Earth friendlier Magazine Organizers

As promised, here are a few magazine organizers I made out of cereal and cracker boxes. I prefer to use up gift wrap on mine, although I got creative one day

and made a decopauge using old car pics out of magazines for my car mags.

Easy to make- just follow the directions here. And yes I keep the bag the cereal is in. I use them as a non stick paper to roll cookies out in. Or in place of wax paper when preparing a meal- but they do melt in the oven. I also use them when I cover something in the microwave!

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janil said...

good work!!

Betty said...

A very creative second time around! You did a good job.

Unknown said...

AAh, a man after my own heart! I re-use the cereal bags too, my family thinks this is hilarious. Love the magazine holders.