Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Look for Ready Made

I had hoped it would be just a bad rumor. Apartment Therapy had a preview of Ready Made - all re vamped. I just love Ready Made Magazine- one of my all time fave's. I got the mail yesterday and there was my mag- This month's edition was a nice surprise- not only did they re-vamp the look of the magazine, they sent it without a plastic cover! Just a simple mailing label on the front cover was all they needed! I know, in this digital age I shouldn't be getting any magazines or catalogs. But I love this mag! I keep them forever. And of course, my favorite section- The MacGyver section were the editors come up with an idea for reusing something had not changed at all- People still making tables from hangers. Lamps from records. You get the idea! And the idea's I get from the mag save a lot more trash from the waste stream than Throwing away a magazine! But don't worry I have a surprise to show on Tuesday on how I keep my magazines in order. The natural Eco way! (how's that for a tease?)

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