Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Okay I can't hold my excitement. The NW Flower and Garden Show is just around the corner. February 3-7th, at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center, in Seattle. Why, Rob, do you attend a flower show, when you are a he-man manly-man man? Well I like to garden. And I like to get ideas for my yard, like the one year a fence for around the garden, made of broken shovels, tools, and an Ironing board. You know... Shit I will never make. And B- there are new products to see and not buy! (The scourge of all trade show salesman- people that have no intention of buying) But seriously, I do enjoy the show. And I enjoy the creativity. So I am getting my back pack ready-
Water Bottle, Check.
Lunch snack and Light Rail Money? Check.
Muggsly? Check

AWW Dad... Let me go... I got my pack, and I can help you carry things home... Pleeeaaase let me go with!

Dog Treats, Dog Leash? Check---WHAT? No Romeo- you cannot go with me. You be good and protect the house. Sorry Buddy. Too Many people. And too many trees planted- You would go into cuteness overload. Really.And with all those trees planted you know what would happen.
Anyway- If anyone wants to meet up- send me an email at and we will go have a coffee or something. There are a ton of eating and restaurant type places there.

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Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Aw let Romeo go! Somebody's got to water all of those trees - why not him?