Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get off my Case!

Is that what my uncle, the tractor dealer said when some dumb kid climbed on one of his tractors?

Or is it the real post for trash to treasure Tuesday- :)

The Problem: Needed a tool box for my soldering tools

The Solution: I found an old camera box in one of the Surplus Bins at work. As long as it is used at work, it's okay to take my company's surplus or dumpsters. (Sounds crazy I know) Anyway- the camera box was perfect, with the right sized compartments for my soldering torch, paste, bottle of propane, tools and parts! A little bubble wrap, (plentiful in the garbage cans) for cushioning and I have a great tool kit for when solder jobs come up. And for free!


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Great repurpose, Rob, you are one resourceful dude! Thanks for linking up!