Friday, January 15, 2010


Blitzkreig and his pack! Photo Courtesy Condo Blues

Todays post is in honor of a great dog. Not Romeo. If you follow Condo Blues, you know that Lisa's puppy, the One Eyed Wonder, Blitzkreig, is in the running for the Bissell MVP contest. And you probably know that I am on her case as Romeo is Cutest. Dog. In. The. World. And I am ruthless. But I concede that Blitzy should win, as he works so hard for the good of others. Blitsy is a peke whom was abused by a former owner, and luckily Mr. and Mrs. Condo Blues rescued him and gave him a new and remarkable life, full of love, and toys and treats. If Blitzy wins, he will donate the $10,000 prize to The Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus. A very worthy cause indeed. I do know if Romi entered and won, he would blow it on Chicken treats and pull toys. Cause that's how he rolls. So go vote for Blitzkreig and help out lots of animals!

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Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Thank's Rob. You are the best. human. ever. Blitzkrieg told me so.