Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ReCycling Styrofoam!

A post that would make Fake Plastic Fish Cry tears of joy! While reduction would be better, there is now a business that recycles styrofoam! We now have a place to recycle Styrofoam! IKEA SEATTLE has a recycling center, and they accept Styrofoam. Very convenient- they are about 1 mile from work. The Styrofoam is recycled next door at StyroRecycle, where the styrofoam is ground up, compressed and densified into blocks, which are then manufactured into plastic products such as: picture frames, TV & computer cases, office equipment and other plastic products. Nice to know. Would be even better if they picked up the styrofoam in our recycling, but hey, I'm all for the baby steps. Here is hoping the StyroRecycle makes a go at it, proving once and for all that green economics work.
Click here for a PDF of their brochure!Another great thing at
IKEA is purchase a SUNNEN Solar powered Lamp, and Now at IKEA stores worldwide, for every SUNNAN solar-powered lamp sold, one lamp will be given to UNICEF to light up the life of a child. The first shipments of donated lights are destined for Pakistan, helping children in camps for people who had to flee their homes, and remote villages in Balochistan and the North West Frontier province. This unit will enable children to play, read, write and study at night, even if their homes have no electricity. Millions of children can’t draw, write or read after sunset, limiting their horizons and possibly their futures. IKEA hopes these lamps are a small but important contribution to improving the lives of children in developing countries.
These lamps are so cool- set them in a sunny window in the morning, and at night they give light. How cool is that? I support companies with a sense of community and responsibility, so yes I do support IKEA. Lovable little swedes!


Beth E-R said...

Thanks for the terrific tip on where to recycle styrofoam! We'll share the link on our blog too. I have found a local shipping store that gladly accepts the small styrofoam pellets. It is great to know where the larger pieces can go to be reused. Thanks!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Anonymous said...

Are you sure its the expanded polystyrene?
The one with a recycle symbol and 6 inside ?
Portland doesn't do it, or all places are full.
I'm going to Seattle this weekend and I'd like to keep that nasty stuff out of a landfill.