Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interweb Review: Cheap Thrills edition

Lots of news coming over the Internets and blogs this week- I thought I would let others do the work for me (at work they call that the boss) and link y'all toward the places to go on the Inter Web to find all this great info!

Bush Pilot DID repair plane with Duct Tape: First off, a lot of folks say this is urban legend, a myth and such; guess what folks- it really did happen. And 2- Duct Tape can fix anything.

Cheap Entertainment: News from Lori Bongiorno at Yahoo Green about the different ways to rent movies. Good News For us Wii Owners- We will be able to stream Netflix this spring!

Food Packaging is unnecessary and evil: No Shit? I just saw individual packs of Pickle chips for the first time in the store. And hey, while I like pickles, If I go out and buy a snack pack there better be pudding or Jell-o in it. I put that right up there with Boiled Eggs encased in plastic (Guess the original shell that has worked for years is no longer good enough) and string cheese.

Speaking of Food- Food Trends for 2010: Shopping at the Farmer's market is in; as are cookbooks, new food labeling and getting junior out of in front of the TV.

Home Improvements are to be big in 2010 as well: Maybe this is the year I get those jobs done once and for all. Hope springs eternal.

Other places to get books- More cheap Entertainment: Melinda did the hardwork and searched out options for low cost books. Better get out my Dewey and Sketch Library Card!

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Melinda said...

We have Netflix streaming, and we LOVE it. Love it. So awesome, so cheap, so green...