Friday, May 1, 2009

A sure sign that spring is here

The Farmer's market in Burien will be opening next Thursday- A true sign that spring is here. Along with worms and fresh baked bread and fresh fruits and veggies. I can't wait.
I am hoping that "The worm mama" makes her return as I froze my little buddies(My Bad)- they are now total compost. And I have since moved the worm bin to the tool shed awaiting new tenants.
And I can't wait for tasty leeks to make leek and potato soup. And berries to make tasty jam. And this year I am going to buy a doggy blanket or jacket from the doggy blanket lady for Romeo, And a cat blanket for Sammy. And some more plants from the Alpine plant man. Yup, a good thing that farmers market!

What's the one thing that is a must buy for you at your local farmer's market?


Danita F. Jolly said...

My oldest son has to have something from the Forest Fairy Bakery, so he'll be hoping that they are back. We are excited for Spring.

Robj98168 said...

The Forest Fairy is one of my favorates as well. That and Taste of Eden.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm... I do love the fresh sugar snap peas, the tiny strawberries, and the fresh tomatoes. But my FAVORITE is the local gourmet mushrooms! Can't wait till ours opens!

Belinda said...

Hi Rob,

Depending on how long it was frozen you may find that now things are warming up again all the little worm eggs might hatch..

We got some hideously hot weather this summer and many peoples worm farms fried, luckily those of us who were eternal optimists and waited 4 weeks started to see life again.

Kind Regards