Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holy Tomato Batman!- Robin Tomatoes

I was able to stop by the farmers market in Burien today, and one of the things I absolutely love this year is the selection of different vegetable plants I have found. Last week I got some "spaghetti" squash, This week one of the vendors had "robin" tomato plants- a small bush type "Heirloom" variety tomato not unlike "tumblers" or window box Roma's, so I bought a basket of them.

It is so nice to be able to find and buy different varieties of plants- I know the growing challenge is Seed to seed- but That is not always easy to do in a "square foot garden" and since I am the only one eating this stuff (Martin limits his diet to Broccoli and tomatoes and the occasional ear of corn). I know I could grow more and be a "Food Bank Hero" but I honestly don't have the time for a garden that size! It makes it more manageable for me. Anyway I am sure I will enjoy the robin tomatoes- I am guessing they got their name because they look like little robin's eggs in a bush! From what I have found on the internet they are good for growing year around indoors. I may have to try that! And if they are successful, I will keep the seeds for next time around- which might mean fall or winter!

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Rick said...

Hey Rob.
Yeah going "Seed to Seed" is always nice but in reality by purchasing this plant you helped finance a diverse variety of toms. Yes it always feels good to close the circle but in reality we are all interconnected as well. So I wouldn't beat yourself up about it.