Friday, May 29, 2009

My animals walk all over me

My dog and cat both walk all over me! Spoiled they are. I had to repair two window screens so Sammy cat could lay with the windows open- not like he can't already but these are his favorate places to lay out. It was lucky my grandma showed me how to fix screens when I was a young boy- what a savings over buying replacement screens. Very easy- just buy some screening, some "splinting" and a splinting tool- "Splinting" is the rubber cord that holds the screen into the frame. Relativy cheap- you may be able to re-use the old splinting

As for Romeo, he has a strange addiction to frosty paws- he loves em. Luckily Raise a green dog blog has a recipe for homeade frosty paws. Just some yogurt, some blue berries, a banana and peanut butter is all it takes to whip up a dog's favorite treat.


Farmer's Daughter said...

Haha! All our animals walk all over us, too. Dogs are always on the couch and get whatever they want to eat: hot dogs, ice cream, broken cookies from the farm market are saved for dog treats.

As another farmer in town said, we all farm with our hearts, not our pocket books.

Allie said...

Same here, I'm afraid. The cat basically has her own room. And the dogs have me trained very well. Sigh.

Johann The Dog said...

Great tip on the screens! We had to replace our screen with pet screen, was easy to do :) And thanks for posting about my homemade frosty paws, nom, nom!!!

Woofs, Johann, from Raise a Green Dog

Jennifer said...

My dogs love homemade freezer treats! I like to freeze them inside bones. (Just put the bone upright in a mug, and perhaps plug with a bit of banana to keep the filling from spilling out).

Mine really like strawberries and peanut butter in their frozen treats. They get all the freezer burned fruits and veggies, too.