Saturday, May 30, 2009

I cannot tell a lie- I planted the cherry tree- My Weekly Challenge Update

My Cherry tree
This week was kinda busy- I had the three day weekend and then took Tuesday and Wednesday off and I had a class for work on Thursday and Friday- kinda of a whole week vacation! Anyway- finally finished the deck enlargement! After many years my deck is finished! I fixed some torn window screens, and planted a Cherry tree! What a week!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 4

1. Plant something: radishes, catnip, corn plants, “Robin” Tomatoes, Started Bird Gourd plants (actually started a couple of weeks ago- just forgot to add to the list!), Planted a cherry tree!
2. Harvest something: Radishes, lettuce, spring onions
3. Preserve something: dehydrated chopped spring onions; candied lemon peels
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Repaired my torn window screens
5. Preparation and Storage: Finished adding 24’ addition (3’ X 8’) on the back deck;
6. Build Community Food Systems: Nothing this week
7. Eat the Food: candied lemon peels; radishes, lettuce, spring onions in salad
8. Cook or eat something new: candied lemon peels; “Homemade frosty paws” for Romeo

MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE: Obtained some “Robin” tomatoes at the farmers’ Market- growing in a basket on the front porch; Planted some corn plants- disappointed that the seed corn is not growing :( Forgot to add Bird gourds (started from seed) to the list. I planted a cherry tree.

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Bought some “robin” Tomatoes- (little cherry tomato plants, not unlike tumblers) in a basket at the Farmers’ Market; Bought some window screen and some “splinting” to repair my window screens that got torn up during construction of the addition to my house.

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