Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coffee- just not for breakfast anymore

I was perusing the Internet and saw an article in Natural Home Magazine for creative ways of getting rid of your coffee grounds- did you know that you could use them to scrub dirty dishes?The coarse texture of coffee grounds is perfect for scrubbing difficult-to-clean dishes. Pack the grounds into a square sized cloth, gather the cloth’s ends and secure with a rubber band. There are many suggestions in the article that I never heard of- Like using diluted coffee grounds as a flea rinse- "Romeo, Sammy meet Juan Valdez" they should like that! Of course the article mentions the old obvious uses for used grounds- compost, pest deterrent. But I found it interesting for some of the uses they recommend. Good article. I may have to check out the magazine.
Anyone out there have any other uses for coffee grounds? How about home remedies?


R Krishnan said...

try the lingzhi coffe once with pure brazilian coffe beans,. they are amazing

DP Nguyen said...

That is hilarious, Rob! LoL. But I can totally see coffee being used as a scrubber.

Joy said...

I would think that it would stain more.

Condo Blues said...

I wrote an article on how to reuse coffee grounds - I was amazed at how useful they were for things other than gardening!

You can put dried coffee grounds in a paper bag (it has to be something pourous) or in a dish and put it in a musty room or cabinet to freshen it.