Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Busy week- The Weekly Update Challenge

Peas growing in a Self Watering Container
Made from two 5 gallon Buckets

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge-
1. Plant something: Some tomato plants, cucumbers, borage seeds, tomato plants; dill seed; corn salad; lettuce; watermelon plants (from seed), started some sprouts (gotta keep on the sprouts or I will lose interest)
2. Harvest something: some lettuce. swiss chard, an early garlic; parsley
3. Preserve something: Dehydrated some Chard; parsley
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Found a bunch of big plant pots- going to reuse them; found a couple of items to re-purpose as plant pots
5. Preparation and Storage: Added another level to the potato condo; Bought some yogart to make crème cheese with
6. Build Community Food Systems: Put my bag out for the Letter Carriers Food Drive; Went to Sustainable Burien meeting and found out more about “p-patches hopefully starting here in Burien- thinking about Making a couple of raised beds and letting some one grow something in them via Urban Gardenshare.
7. Eat the Food: Salad from lettuce, Chard, the garlic,

Melinda’s Growing Challenge Things are popping up all over! Saw the first seedling of the fennel plants and the first seedlings of sunflowers, planted my pumpkin plants (from seed), watermelon plants (from seed), bought some nice Tomato Plants (Heirloom) I bought at the charity sale (started from seed not by me, but by Carol the gal running the sale in her green house); My own tomato plants don’t look so good except for the tumblers and Window box romas.

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGES: Found a use for the garden aug that Billy Mays made me buy- it makes an excellent tool for turning compost! Other than that I bought some tomato plants from a charity sale benefiting the Stanley Stamm summer camp(very local the gal selling them for the charity actually starts them in her green house); Bought a couple of neat trellises for the garden from the hardware store;

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