Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Perfect Day

A perfect day by Lou Reed, sung by Various Artis-
One of my fave songs- I couldn't decide which version I like best-
it was a tie between this one and duran duran

I spent a perfect day. With my dog. This morning we went to a carshow, Had a burrito, looked at the cars. Then this evening,we went to the Grandview Off Leash Dog park. Even though it is claimed as a park by SeaTac and Burien, it is not the closest or the best. The best off leash park in this area is Marymoor, which is in Redmond, and where as a taxpayer who helped build it, I get the honor of paying a dollar to park every time I use the park
I could have gone to Westcrest off-leash park, which is the closest , just over the city line in Seattle, But I never had been to Grandview, and since My city helped build it, thought I should. Grandview has some of the best views of Mt. Rainier. And it has nice fountains with a fountain down low for pups. The sunshine made a nice day to play with Romeo. When we got home we had MacDonalds for dinner Even Romeo amd Sammy the Cat had MacDonalds- sammy loves french fries with catsup!Then we proceeded to do some yard work, Sammy got out and proceeded to go under the house (I have a crawl space that needs a new door- after threatening sammy with certain death if he made me crawl under the house, I gave up and walked away- and out he came!) Now I am sitting here looking at a worn out dog and a worn out kitty sleeping on my bed.I think I will join them!

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