Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Year In REVIEW Part one

Well 2009 is about to come to a close. So, in keeping with last years theme at this time, I thought I would take a quick look back at the successes and failures of the year.

Last year I had (what I thought was) a not too lofty idea of things I wanted to get done around the house- some success, a lot of fails: On my list were:
GOAL 1- Install the shower in my bedroom bathroom. *Sigh* This still didn’t get done. The old story of why a plumbers pipes are clogged. Maybe 2010.
GOAL 2- Landscape my front yard- some of it got done- the idea is an edible landscape. Well a little bit more got done, hopefully this year I get the front yard graveled- I got most my raised beds there now. If I can accept the fact this is a work in progress, I am good.
GOAL 4- Build a pergola. Wanted to have a pergola of the front porch- Actually got temporarily done- I re-used a canopy frame and made a tropic pergola out of it- until I got a hair up my butt to use it as a green house frame. But I will get a pergola built there hopefully this year
GOAL 5- new exterior doors on laundry room and my bedroom. OK I must admit to pure lazy on this. I know which door I want in the laundry and I know what I want on the bedroom. The one excuse I have was trying to find them at the recycled building material store- do-able in the bedroom, not so much in the laundry. Doors are easy, so have no excuse not to finish this in the upcoming year!
GOAL 6- build a sunroom on my deck, Again pure lazy took over. This job is a matter of time and money. Pure and simple.
So now that I look at my goals list- I have to say What the fuck did I do all year? Well I got the contractor out to finish the roof on the garage, I did get the window in the kitchen- those are accomplishments met. I am desperately in need of plans to achieve my goals. Not just dreams. So anyway here is the goals list for 2010

  1. Install the shower in my bedroom bathroom

  2. Build a pergola

  3. New exterior doors on laundry and bedroom

Notice the sunroom is missing? Not gonna do it, maybe next year. And the landscape of the front yard, being a work in progress, I will accept that.


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mudnessa said...

I wouldn't say you failed, you just didn't finish all of them. You thought about them, especially with the doors and the front yard will never be done, you'll always be adding and subtracting, I think that is the fun part of yards and plants in general.

I like to make things to think about lists instead of things to get done lists, so I don't feel like things didn't get done if I change my mind or find out that things need to be done different or just aren't do able for some reason, usually money related.