Monday, December 21, 2009

One Last Trash To Treasure Ornament

This is another easy ornament made from a security ring, this time from a pop bottle security ring. Easy to make, wrap some white yarn around something about 6" like a piece of cardboard, then do the same with some red yarn. Wrap the yarn 8 or 9 times. Cut one end of the yarn to give you 8 or 9 strings. Then the hard parts- Poke two holes in the sides of the security ring, straight across from each other- or you could wait to do it last, run some thin wire through one hole, thread a blue bead, a pink bead and one more blue one through the wire, and pull the wire through the second hole. Tie off the wire by looping it around the security ring on both sides. Now take your white yarn strings and start making a mounting knot with the white string. Then so another, and another until you have the bottom half of the ring covered. Then repeat with the red yarn or strings doing the same on the top half of the ring. When that is done, tie the red strings together at the top to make Santa's Cap, then de-fray (is that a word?) santas beard by untwisting the white yarn/threads. There know you have a Santa Ornament made from trash-
and remember (speaking of trashy santas):

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mudnessa said...

That would also make a good cat toy, supervised of course, especially since mine LOVE to eat yarn and string things.