Friday, December 25, 2009


Where's my bug?
Romeo's booty

I hope everyone is having a good christmas. Last night- Christmas Eve, I drove mom over to my Uncle Art's house, per the family tradition. My Aunt Claudia always puts on a great spread, and it is great to see my cousins and their kids. "Sigh"- I remember when I was a little kid, we would all converge on grandma and grandpa's- all 35 cousins, all 16 aunts and uncles. One year we even rented the American Legion Hall in Burien. Those are the years my grandma labored in the kitchen making Lefse, fattigman, rosettes, krum kake (Norwegian goodies). And we always had turkey and/or ham. We use to have grand parties in those days, but that's Christmas past. As for Christmas present- well, my family has divided into tribes, and now pretty much does their own thing, which is good, I guess. I just miss those big Christmases of long ago. As for my little family, Romeo loves his bones and rope ball tug toy, Sammy is fascinated by the electric robot "bug" I bought for him. Martin likes his Guitar along with the "Esteban" lessons. For me I got a solar battery charger, one step closer to making my solar generator, a trickle charger for the MG, which will keep the car going in these long winters better as the battery will stay charged. My mom bought me a K-Cup coffee maker, which is not totally foreign to me as my Espresso machine also doubles as a K- Cup coffee maker, though I don't use it as a K-Cup. LOL I am also getting ready to start for Christmas 2010 as I get Ideas all the time. So I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Now to go check the rib roast!


Chile said...

That's a HUGE family gathering, Rob! Sheesh, I thought it was crowded growing up when my aunt & uncle and 3 cousins would show up. We weren't a family that did big reunions and the family also wasn't all that big in the extended sense.

Then I married into my sweetie's family and everyone visited within the first year. It was rather overwhelming. Thank goodness it wasn't all in one fell swoop.

Hope the smaller gathering was nice this year. We got a trickle solar charger for the vehicle battery this past year. It's currently being used to charge up my sweetie's new bike electric battery.

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