Thursday, December 17, 2009

Got my own Chuck (Klosterman)

You may or may not be familiar with Jenna Woginrich. She wrote the book "Made from Scratch" - very good book- very revealing (that is if you ever had dreams of farm living) She made me decide I am a city boy through and through. She also writes this blog, Cold Antler Farm about her little farm in Sandpointe, Vermont. She has been struggling a bit lately and is trying a lot of ways to earn money to buy her own little place (farm) So i wrote her an email telling her I wanted a picture of Chuck Klosterman.
Chuck was her rooster. Cock of the walk. And he suffered from B/A (bad attitude). Would spur you just as soon as look at you. You know, my kind of bird. Jenna recently and with much uncertainty (I am sure) sent Chuck to the big hen house in the sky. Yup. Wrung his neck. Turned him into Coq-Au-Vin.Now I don't blame her. You should never piss off (or spur) your benevolent owner. Especially if you know she carries a sharp axe. A bad rooster is not good. Ask my aunt Shirley. When she was a girl, my mom still gets the giggles something awful when telling how one of their roosters would always single out poor Aunt Shirley -jump on her back and peck her head. Gave my Auntie a big fear of birds it did. And I have always said if I get chickens, which I might this spring, I will name them Laverne and Shirley, after my aunts Laverne and Shirley (My Aunt Laverne actually had chickens and named a pig, Rob, after me- so I shall return the honor). Since we are allowed three hens- the third one might be Crunchy, or maybe Crunchy Chuck in honor of the bloggess and Mr. Klosterman. Anyway I digress. I bought a Chuck Watercolor. Jenna, besides being a good writer is a very talented water color artist to boot. Her paintings of her animals are filled with character and whimsy. She does all this and she bakes pie. And plays her own music (In fact in her book she claims and I must agree that making your own music is a sustainable concept). Her etsy store is full of her original Watercolors of farm life, some music and even hats!(Perfect choices for Crunchy's Buy Hand Challenge)

Take a read of Jenna's Cold Antler Farm Blog, and visit her etsy store. Support a gal and her dream! You never know the next egg you meet might come from Jenna!

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