Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Mid Century House and 2009

I try to set a few goals every year and 2009 is no exception.

GOAL 1- Install the shower in my bedroom bathroom. This has been a dream for the past 5 years and every year comes and goes with no shower. I found the perfect size shower pan years ago (for an RV) that will allow me to go through the closet and not have to do any major de-construction.

GOAL 2- Landscape my front yard- Another unmet goal from last year. I am trying for a No grass landscape- pretty much there since the construction. Also would like to do a Rain Garden. The driveways are easy- 1 will be gravel, the other I will do some type of concrete over the old one- perhaps permeable concrete. Although that makes little sense since the old would still be there- Other wise I would have to break up the old driveway. And I don't want to add to the waste stream with all that concrete. Or Plan "B"- Repair the old drive way- less waste and less work.

GOAL 3- install windows in my garage- yet another plan that didn't make it in 2008- I already have windows purchased at 2nd Use, the local Habitat for Humanity 2nd hand store here in the Seattle area. Not a hard job, but one of those that requires warmer weather as the Garage building is not heated. Needs to get done before I start tomato's as the garage would be perfect with windows - 2 southern exposure, 2 eastern exposure for plant starting

GOAL 4- Build a pergola. I would like to build a pergola along side the front room addition so I can sit and talk about my neighbors.

GOAL 5- new exterior doors on laundry room and my bedroom.

GOAL 6- build a sunroom on my deck. Just off the exterior door. Great place to sit. Great place to let the cat air out.

What do y'all think- Am I setting myself up for failure again? I think I just need a few weekends off from work to meet these goals.
Notice: no personal goals, no "Self Improvement" goals (why mess with perfection?!?) Just house goals. I don't like to set myself up for personal failure. I fail and it makes me feel all emo and stuff. Besides that's what Challenges are for!


ib mommy said...

Dude, all you need to sit outside and talk about your neighbors is a lawn chair and a six pack! Success is within your grasp......

Verde said...

Goal 7: Get a rabbit as a house pet. I think they would be a perfect pet for someone who goes to work all day.

I think the others are do-able since you always seem to be working one something. Great goals.

Green Bean said...

Great list! Sounds totally in reach. I personally am a fan of the no grass/rain garden one. We got rid of all grass in our front yard this year and now I need to get off my booty and figure out what to plant there. Happy New Year.

Robj98168 said...

IB- I need a pergula- I can't sit there and talk about them with them seeing me.

Verde- I had a bunny once- but I wanna dog. I have had dogs my whole afult life and most of my younger life- I am lost with out a puppers

Green Bean- The thought of no grass whatsoever really thrills me to no end. IF i could I would concrete the entire yard with permeable concrete and just some raised beds. But I would need to much work done on the yard for drainage/storage of rain water- rain garden in the front seems to be the best bet!

Fleecenik Farm said...

What if you were to build raised garden bed on top of the drive that you want the permeable surface on. We built a raised bed ( 2x8's I think) and made them taller so that the roots were not interrupted by the concrete. We grew strawberries in them so that there was not much care required. After the first year the soil was covered with strawberry plants, so there was hardly any weeding and plenty of strawberries. Alas it was a rental and we had to move but I have been by the house since and it is still there.