Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a Night!

Well let me tell you - there is nothing more alarming than when the phone rings at 12:30 and you don't get to it in time- the Caller ID said it was my mom and then my cell phone goes off when I am trying to call her back And it is my mom. She asked if I could drive her to the emergency room. So I got my clothes on (I had been in bed) And went over there. Her neck and arm were in excruciating pain. Drove her to the ER. Waited for 2 and 1/2 hours. Turns out her degenerative disease in her disks were causing pain, They gave her an MRI and a bunch of drugs. She is much better today. Still a bit sore. I drove her to the pharmacy and we had lunch. But dammit that is a scare. I think I take it for granted she will always be around! I keep forgetting my mom is 76 years old. Even if she does nothing to indicate her age. That seems to be the age people in my family start deteriorating. Oh well I am more than glad to take her to the ER and find out it isn't much than take her and find out it is something big.


Jenni said...

Rob, You and your Mum are in my prayers. Know she'll be doing well soon! Take care, JenK

The Pirate Farmer said...

Hope your mom is doing okay. It's good that you are close enough to be there for her when she needs you!

Everydaywoman said...

Your mom is so lucky to have you nearby! You remind me alot of my own brother--a real family guy!

Enjoy your blog!