Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I was reading fake plastic fish one day, As I do daily, and Beth had posted that togo ware had a 40% discount coupon for those who completed their survey. Well having wanted a tiffin for awhile, You bet I took that survey. And I got my To Go Ware Tiffins last weekend and have been enthralled with them ever since. It actually took me some getting used to the bamboo cutlery, but The tiffins are great. I take them to work everyday with the leftovers that I carry for lunch. The discount through FPF's blog made them affordable. I hope lots of folks try them. This is also helpful for the folks trying Crunchy's new challenge- The food waste reduction Challenge. These tiffins are stainless steel, no-plastic containers that hold an amazing amount of grub. They carry along nicely and are pretty rugged. Romeo and I will have to give them the dog park picnic test! A great value- Thanks Beth!


Anonymous said...

I carry my containers everywhere because you never know when you're going to want to bring home leftovers. Glad you're enjoying them!

The Pirate Farmer said...

We have two of them! Joon Bug and Little Bug take their lunches to school in them every day. They got a mixture of people looking at them like they were insane and also people who thought they were pretty darn cute. J Bug takes all kinds of crap in hers..... cold spaghetti, pancakes, chili, chicken noodle soup. And she eats it all cold! Yuck. I did the survey after reading Beth's post and am gonna get a new one as well. I like the new design so you can use just the top piece and the little condiment cup looks pretty handy, too!

Robj98168 said...

FPF- Yeah, I see I am gonna have to do that as well!

PF-Joon Bug sounds like my kind of girl- I love cold spaghetti!