Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog-Iversary Giveaways Sears Gift Card Winner

Well, the old clock on the on the right side of the blog is saying 5:00pm, so it is time to warm up the Old Random Integer Generator to see who wins the Sears Gift Card and Mr Generator says- Number 2- A quick check and Number 2 is Chile!
Congratulations Chile Womman! You are today's winner in the Blog-Iversary Giveaway! I wonder what the queen of declutter will buy from Sears. Chile if you could send me your snail mail particulars to I will get the gift card in your hands ASAP
A big thank you to all who entered in the giveaways. You made my Blog-iversary real fun! Hopefully more next year!


Chile said...

Woohoo! Thanks, Rob. Would ya tell my hubby to quit drooling, though? It's mine, all mine. hehe

Verde said...

Congrats Chile. Rob, give us an update on the dog front already!

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