Thursday, January 22, 2009


The North West Flower and Garden show is coming on February 18-22 at the Washington Trade and Convention Center in Seattle. I love this show. It is like a blast of spring just hit Seattle. There are numerous seminars and info to find. I am taking (or going to try) the seminar "Salvage Savvy" featuring speaker Beth Evans-Ramos Co-author, 'Salvage Studio' & partner in The Salvage Studio, a local "shop" or studio for salvaging things for your home and garden (And one of my local heroes!). I will be taking that seminar and one on Sustainable containers, with key speaker Wendy Welch. There are seminars there on Eco garden tools, Sustainable gardening and a whole slew of topics.

The fun thing about the show is knowing a bit about the show and the interesting things that go on behind the scene- tons of dirt is brought in, plants started early to be ready for the show, it is quite an impressive feat.
There are vendors there, so I will be looking for Cow Pots. I don't want to mail order them, due to shipping fees, so I will be looking for them. Cow pots or Poo Pots are made from Cow Manure, and I want to see if they work any better than toilet paper tubes. The garden show is where I got my balls.
So now you know where to find me on February 20th. I will be out scoping new garden ideas.

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