Sunday, January 4, 2009

Make due and Mend Challenge = The Final Check-In

Make Do and Mend Challenge:Sewed new buttons on my work jacket (a different one) and mended the torn sleeves. Glued the “hat” back on the top of one of my nutcrackers that battled Sammy cat and lost. Re-used and made do with some led Christmas lights for lighting on the deck- Low Watts- works great! Currently working on adapting my fire screen to work with the electric log and fit the fire box again! I Re-Used an old laundry bag to store my artificial Christmas trees in. The box was wearing out- it is over 5 years old!
I started this challenge because I think Repair should be considered the fourth “R” in Re-cycle, Re-Duce and Re-Use. It has been an interesting two months with the folks who signed up, al lot of clothing repair, and people fixed just about everything imaginable. Ib Mommy even fixed her car with duct tape!
I want to thank all those who participated on their blogs, and those who participated in spirit!
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Melinda said...

Thanks for hosting this awesome challenge, Rob. I agree, there should be four Rs. I haven't done a lot of repairing over this holiday season, but it is definitely a part of my regular repertoire. Much of my home furniture is thrift store bought and hand-me-downs, many of which have needed repairs over the years. There is so much more history to each object that way - I love it.

fullfreezer said...

Thanks for the challenge. It has been fun. Making do and mending is kind of a way of life for us and it was nice to try to keep track of all we do. Recently I mended our wooden drying rack for snowy hats and gloves, a few ornaments that fell prey to the dog's bullwhip tail and reattached a button. I have been working on reclaiming my sewing table this weekend and found a stack of abandoned mending that I need to get to.
It's not really making do but we need to check out the construction dumpster across the alley- they are doing some renovation work and I think there may be useable lumber and other odds and ends in there. What fun....

Robj98168 said...

Melinda- My house decor is early american Goodwill- with a few furniture and Ikea hacks thrown in.
COuldn't be happier with it!

FullFreezer- A construction dumpster across the alley? What fun! I have dumpster envy!

Stephany said...

This week I hotglued a snowman which seems contradictory but it worked.

We finally found the right nut and bolt size to fix my herb basket. I am pretty excited about that.

Thanks for hosting the challenge it was a great idea.

Mary said...

Thanks for hosting a great challenge!

I finally finished a quilt for SO - the inside is a wool blanket that belonged to his grandmother and I covered it with fabric from my stash. Only 47 more blankets yet to cover and I can move on to something else ;-)

Robj98168 said...

Stephany- hot gluing a snowman doesn't sound a bit contradictory or odd to me at all. My mom collects snowman ornaments and decor and is always asking me to repair something.

Mary- what a great idea- I love my woll blankets but think they are a tad on the itchy side- this would certainly take care of that and still have the warmth of the wool

The Pirate Farmer said...

Hey Rob! It's me, IB Mommy, in disguise:)

Thanks for the fun challenge. Sorry I wasn't more diligent but I must have just been really careful and not broken much..... a huge surprise, actually!

This week the Man and I took apart my vacuum cleaner and cleaned out all the gunk so the roller works again. Last time I took it to the vacuum cleaner robbers and it cost me $90. I also cut MS Bug's hair. I believe she's getting bit more thrifty in her old age. I didn't break anything else but I'm sure now that your challenge is over I'll be bustin' up stuff all over the place!

Chile said...

This was a good challenge, Rob, and a good reminder to keep things working. My sweetie finally installed the new clothesline, made from the old guts of the broken one. The wood case for it was made from wood that's been hanging out in the garage for years.

We let go of a few Christmas decorations, but we don't have that many to start with. My sweetie repaired my kitchen scale after I dropped it and broke the plastic casing.

I know there were a few other repairs but I can't recall them right now. I'm "making due" with a pull-over and blanket at the computer instead of turning the heat up! ;-)

greeen sheeep said...

I think this challenge has taught me how to sew. I mended more things in the last two months than my whole life combined. Mainly because I never thought to mend before, just went out and bought a replacement.

And cook! I forced myself to make do with ingredients already on hand. I was surprised time and time again by how simple it is to make dishes I always paid way too much for with a few ingredients already in my pantry.

Also learned a lot about my lawn tractor/snowblower. I can repair it all on my own now, although I wish I didn't have to. Damn Wisconsin weather!

Thanks for teaching me some new skills and saving me a butt load of money!

Jennifer said...

Finally got back on the internet and blogging!

We've darned even more socks, sewed even more cuffs, and even more buttons back on.

I badly burned a nice, expensive copper/steel pot last week, and instead of tossing it or buying a new one, I spent 3 hours boiling and scrubbing it (* boil vinegar and water for 30 minutes, drain and scrub with baking soda and water, repeat). It's usable again (if not nearly as pretty!).

And, we mended well enough my sister's car so she could drive it back to Nebraska... instead of junking it right here in Colorado. She'll make it limp along as long as she can now.

Carla said...

Rob - I thought of you (and this Challenge) as I was putting together my easy-peasy draft dodger a few days ago. I, unfortunately, had not joined in the Challenge...