Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got tagged...

by Chile. When she was supposed to be McDougaling Here are the rules:

Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
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7 Facts about myself:
1- I have been known to eat dandelions- in a fritter!
2- I do not imbibe in any alcohol and haven't for 14 years- Yet I make brandy and infused Vodka
3- I really really desire an electric car. Really.
4- I am a member of a classic car club, and was the past president, And I own a 1979 MGB, a 1966 Plymouth and a 1967 Vespa
5- MY cat eats pizza or anything with a tomato base
6- I have no cartilidge in my left knee
7- Secretly I want to own a book store- With Used books, a cat in the store and Espresso!

Now for 7 people- hmmmm- I think I will go with
1-Burban Mom- AKA "AWOL Missy"we haven't heard from her for awhile. LEts see id we can summons her out!
2-The Cheap Vegetable Gardener- AKA "Garden Geek"Very interesting guy- he's cheaper than me! His blog is full of frugal gardening ideas. He is a Geeky Gardener with his computerized grow boxes!
3. The Pirate Farmer- the blogger formerly known as "IBMommy"- I am glad she is still telling her tales of eco-blogging and battling the HOA
4-Justice Desserts- AKA "THE REV"-Verde blogs about her challenges being a homesteading minister living in the middle of nowhere. Really good reading
5. The Farmer's Daughter- AKA "The TEACH". She is living the good life, teaching Botany and enjoying married life (or rather enjoying making her husband work putting together the taj mahal of pantrys)
6-JIM'S STEPS-AKA "JIMBOLINI 23"A Fairly new blog (to me at least) I enjoy hearing about his steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle, And his never ending battle vermi-composting
7- One Green Generation My friend Melinda trying to build community and a decent life on Seattle's Capitol Hill with her husband, dog and kitty. Great Recipes on this blog!


The Pirate Farmer said...

This is much easier than the recently circulating "25 things" on Facebook! I couldn't come up with 25 people to send that to and I doubt I know 7 bloggers who know who the heck I am either!

I can't believe you want to own a bookstore! That has been my dream since college. With a little cafe that serves fresh baked muffins and coffee and a kitty with a bell.

Robj98168 said...

Well rather than a bell, i would want a kitty with a 'tude-"you think your gonna pet me huh ked just try it...Claws engage!" Makes me laugh thinking about those kids get scratch...oops maybe better think about the lawsuits!