Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd Blog-iversary Giveaway No 2- A Solar powered work lamp

Anyone who might follow this here blog knows I am a big supporter of alternative energy. In my world, President Obama's economic stimulus would go beyond finding alternative sources of energy and the economic stimulus would provide solar and wind power for all. Screw the fat cats on wall street and car makers in Detroit. Anyway, enough of my political ideology rambling, and on to the give-away- I will send the lucky winner their own little piece of Solar power, An IKEA "Sunnan" work lamp. And since IKEA does the following, it is a TWO-FER!!! (You know how Rob likes the TWO-FERS!):

"Now at IKEA stores worldwide, for every SUNNAN solar-powered lamp sold, one lamp will be given to UNICEF to light up the life of a child.

The first shipments of donated lights are destined for Pakistan, helping
children in camps for people who had to flee their homes, and remote villages in
Balochistan and the North West Frontier province. This unit will enable children
to play, read, write and study at night, even if their homes have no
electricity. Millions of children can’t draw, write or read after sunset,
limiting their horizons and possibly their futures. IKEA hopes our lamps are a
small but important contribution to improving the lives of children in
developing countries.

IKEA has made an especially sturdy SUNNAN for the
developing world, designed to resist the wear and tear of difficult living
situations, including a battery capable of withstanding high temperatures."

from the IKEA Website-Seattle Community and Enviorment page

So you win, a child in a developing country wins! To enter all you have to do is enter a comment, If you have a blogger account with email info- great! If not, please leave a way of contacting you (email addy) - Give-away ends at midnight PST on January 24th. Winner will be picked by Random Number Generator


jengd said...
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jengd said...

Try again, this time with contact info! What an awesome giveaway! I LOVE that this one gives AND gives back! Thanks for the chance to win it! jgerwigdively at hotmail dot com

Chile said...

OH, you know I want this one, baby! I've seen a number of businesses doing that 2fer thing with charity - it's a great idea.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Wow! As much as I'd love to win this, I'm going to opt out of the drawing. I'm going to buy one instead so that ANOTHER one is sent out to a child in a developing country.
Thanks for the two-fer info, and good luck to all who enter your drawing!!!

Theresa said...

Wow, these are fantastic! I will opt out as well though, for the same reasons as 4bushel. Happy 2nd Blogiversary :)

Fleecenik Farm said...

VEry Cool!

DEBIJOT said...

Great giveaway and prize. I also love that this is a get one, give one. Thanks

tree said...

Wow! great prize and how very cool that IKEA is donating one. Please enter me!


Diana D said...

Would like to try this solar lamp. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

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