Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm a Brilliant Diamond!!!

I would like to thank beany for this award! Us language dud’s gotta stick together!
1.The winner can put the logo on her/his blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated
And bonus, 7 random things about me
mmm- lessee-
1-how about Tara who single handedly saved a nest of aliens
2-bourbon mom who never says anything about the fact I misspell her handle all the time
3-Cheap Vegetable Gardender who is propagating peppermint and teaches all how to garden cheaply and use big words like propagate
4-Bean sprouts from across the pond, who keeps the emerald isle green and is one keen bee keeper
5-Since I am a guy. I think I will nominate a guy- how about 2 guyz?- the shibaguyz who raise two friendly shibas and great produce in their unique container garden
6-And another guy- Mr. Brownthumb- who knows them fancy words like Allium bulgaricum when talking gardening
7-And last (but far from least) my pal Verde who is serving up justice desserts
7 random things about me:
1- I am employed as a plumber for a large airplane builder here in the Seattle area
2- I have three dogs in this house – small (dinky Binky; a yorkie), medium(Spike AKA GARDEN DOG and My Buddy- a pug) and stupid (Topaz AKA“spaz”- a chocolate lab and former seeing eye dog) All are rescued dogs. I also have one rescued cat (Sammy- The King of All Lesser Species) or rather he has me!
3- I am a member of a car club! I own a 1979 MGB and a 1966 Plymouth Valiant.While both cars are surprisingly fuel efficient, I would like to convert the MG into an electric. The Plymouth is for sale! Yes I am lightening my load! I would love to own a 1907 or there abouts Baker electric or Detroit Electric!
4- I also own a classic 1967 Vespa scooter. And a Honda scooter
5- I agree with Hilary Clinton that it takes a village to raise a child. I also think it takes a kid harness .
6- I haven’t drunk alcohol in 14 years! Although some folks think I must be on something.
7- I have a serious kitchen/garden gadget addiction. I love my small appliances! I also own a small tractor!
Yes folks that is all from this brilliant diamond. May have a giveaway tomorrow!


Burbanmom said...

Hey, I'm impressed when *I* spell my handle correctly! Besides, to-ma-to / to-mat-o, it's all the same.

Thanks so much for the award, Rob. It's so shiny!

It's not a blood diamond, is it? How, exactly was it mined? Is it fair trade? Will it add to my carbon footprint?


Robj98168 said...

The diamond was mined only by green diamond miners who used only green practices. And Yes they are members of a fair trade coop. It was shipped by placing it in a bottle and throwing that bottle in the ocean, allowing it to be carried by the currents and tides to my house to be delivered to you via internet. Of course the bottle was then recycled!

Verde said...

Yea, an award... I'm loving it!

Thanks Rob - I'm glad to hear this is a green diamond!

Hey you have a new photo ID?

Robj98168 said...

Yup Versde it was time to change my photo. This one was taken at the GoodGUys car show in Puyallup a year ago. More updated than the other photo. I am a little heavier and grayer hair in this one. Mayb one day I will post a picture that isn't at least a year old!

Tara said...

WOOT! Thanks Rob! BTW - I have a 1970 MGB for sale. You'd have to pick it up from Texas though. ;-)