Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekly Challenges Update

Sharon's Independence days challenge:
1. Prepped something: prepped new bedding for worm bin
2. Planted something- Planted Broccoli, string beans, beets, for fall crop, and replanted radishes
3. Preserved something: Froze some blackberries, Blackberry jam, Started some Blackberry brandy, started some apricot brandy
4. Harvested something: Picked Blackberries on my work lunchtimes, Radishes, Swiss Chard, Some borage!
5. Managed your reserves: Put up fancy wood holders in garage rafters to store and manage lumber left from remodel project. Cleans up the yard, makes more room in garage for storage
6. Cooked something new: Tried Chile’s fried rice (but I put chicken in it),
7. Work on Local Food Systems: Picked the blackberries at work, Signed up for a food preservation class at the community center,
8. Composted, repaired, re-used, reduced or recycled something: Repaired broken couch, prepped new bedding for worm bin, changed worm bedding, got the worm castings out and fed plants; put old printer on freecycle; put up a giveaway on my blog to give away low flow shower head, shower timer, and low flow faucet aerators.
9. Learn a skill: Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
FINAL POST FOR CHILE’S ADDICTIONS IN A PEAK OIL WORLD- August is finally over and I can say No Diet soda this month at all. I have drank a lot of Ice tea, Coffee and sparkling water- but no sodas at all this month. Good luck to those who are carrying on this challenge! It will be mind opening.
CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ 5 MINUTE SHOWER CHALLENGE- Still at 5 minutes. NEW NEWS!- my local water district, which is part of the Seattle Saving Water Partnership, which sent a neat coupon book in the mail, is giving to their customers a low flow shower head, a CFL light bulb, and a shower timer. Very cool! And I am putting up the shower head, timer and aerators as a giveaway!
CRUNCHY CHICKENS' SWEATY BUTT-CRACK CHALLENGE No A/C at all this week. haven't needed it as it has been nice and cool all week.
MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE- I decided to plant some broccoli seeds in addition to the borage I already planted. Yes I must admit to never growing broccoli before! The borage is getting bigger- I thinned it, and not being a guy who can leave the thinnings alone, ate them and yes- the leaves do taste like cucumber!


Verde said...

Do tell more about the Apricot Brandy!

Robj98168 said...

here are the instructions on making your own home brew!