Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The pumpkin that ate Burien

Basil growing in it's container

Walking through the garden after the rain

A poem by robj98168

It rained all day yesterday, and this morning it had stopped
I needed to go outside do bad, I thought I would pop!
Container garden
I took a stroll through the yard,
what did I see?
A bright shiny pumpkin,
Looking up at me!
A bush full of tomatoes,
weighing heavy on the vine
All shouting in unison- "Look,
look at us - we are so fine"

A bright lil' punkin
And basil, some purple, some green,
looking all fresh and really keen
I walked though the garden,
After the rain-
I hope it's sunny tomorrow
So I can go out and
walk through it again!

The punkin vine that ate burien!


ib mommy said...

Oh, I'm jealous! You have a beautiful green garden and you can wax poetically about it.

Everything in my garden is just on the verge of dead. Come to think of it so is my brain:-)

DP Nguyen said...

Congrats on the pumpkins. That is so exciting!

It has been sprinkling and raining a bit here too. I'm very excited for the rain.

Melinda said...

That was beautiful.

Hey what's up with this rain? I thought I moved back in the prime summertime!! I thought I had a few months to get ready for the gloomy rain!!! Wah.