Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NW Meet 'N Greet Picnic!!!

Get out your picinic baskets. Crunchetta and melinda are arranging a NW Blogger picnic and they need your input.
What they need from you is what date is best and are taking suggestions for a place. So if you are interested in attending or have a suggestion on the place just giddy up over to crunchy chicken's or melinda's one green generation blog.

And remember to bring your own eating utensils and plates and cups etc etc. This will be a green picnic. And leave Yogi at home.


Verde said...

I can't come :~( - too far to just bop over (at least with airfairs the way they are) and I will have just been that way on vacation.

I expect pictures!

Melinda said...

Yeehaw!!! Lookin forward to it.