Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday weekly challenge update

Plant something: Planted more fall things- lettuce, beans, peas, radishes
Prep something: 7 jars of pickles, 4 jars of boysenberry jam, Froze a head of cauliflower, dried some herbs (dill, basil) Dehydrated Apricots, Golden plums
Harvest something: Cucumber, tomatoes, Swiss Chard radishes
Manage something: Working on storage for canning and dehydrating supplies
Cook something new: Pickles, Insalata Caprese Salad
Work on Local Food Systems: Shared some of my harvest with my Mom
Compost something, repair, reuse. reduce, recycle: Composted brandy fruit, got “new” outdoor lamp at goodwill for back door to light my way to the garage, finally installed solar powered security light I bought last year on back of garage to light my way to the compost bin
Learn a skill: Am learning how to build mason bee houses, learning about raising mason bees
CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ 5 MINUTE SHOWER CHALLENGE- Everything still normal- 5 minute or less shower times, catching warm up water
CRUNCHY CHICKENS' SWEATY BUTT-CRACK CHALLENGE - No a/c use at all this week- warm first of the week cool the rest. My scooter doesn't have A/C, neither does the MGB Convertible nor the Swift. Only my truck has A/C- and I haven't been driving that.
MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE- Borage is coming along, and thr broccoli is sprouting already!


Jennifer said...

You are inspiring! :-} JenK, heading out to my garden....

Heather said...

Wow! You really are up to your ears in challenges! As Jen said, quite inspiring!

Thanks for visiting!