Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating the Dandelion, day by day, part deux

Okay, I tried the Dandelion Fritters. I must say, in the words of Miss Paula Dean, anything bad deep fried is still pretty good.

They are some delightfully crispy little buggers, And I must agree with Marisa, whose dandelion site is a must read, that they are (or would be) great for a salad topper.

But they also made a great little snack. These would be great at a fry party or with your kids so they can run back to school yelling "guess what I ate"

But I dont think I will try fried rat anytime soon though. Sorry, Chile.

Proof That I will eat just about anything


Marisa said...

Glad you enjoyed the fritters! And thanks bunches for the link. :)

Verde said...

He, he. Deep fried dandilions. Yea, like tempurah... you can have a guess what's been tempurahed meal...

rosiegirl said...

Oh so bad for you but oh so tasty, mmmm....deep fried. I'm with you.