Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bring a lunch!

Lunch- the second most important meal of the day! Why not be more sustainable ~ take your lunch along from home! This is a good way to get rid of leftovers. You can make your own version of lunchables- or even take along some soup and a salad.

Lunchboxes are not neccesarily expensive. My lunch box came from And it brings back memories of school and when I was a young buck. Of course my lunch box today wouldn't pass muster in the cafeteria whose cool list. it is pretty plain. And you can get different lunchboxes. How about a laptop lunchbox? Or a Bento Box?

While I think the box is plain, the contents are not. Some days I take homemade soup, or some cobbler all packed in 1/2 pint mason jars. Some days I take a salad in my jars or some leftover casserole. Or sometimes I take along a sandwich or some roll-ups. And don't forget the fresh fruit and veggies (carrot sticks, peas in the pod, radishes)

The advantage to taking my own lunch, is that I save $$$. The second advantage is that my lunch box is sustainable. There is little to no waste. The funny thing is I end up taking waste home from work-coffee grounds and filters to dump in the compost. I always take home my fruit rinds and apple cores (to feed the worms). I know that this is not the most convenient thing for most of you- so why not try taking a sunday evening and making enough for lunches for the week. I try and do this making dinner. I throw a roast in the rotisserie. Then there is something for dinner, and enough for a couple of lunches. Same with chicken. Sometimes I cook a casserole.

And don't forget the PB&J. I love Peanut Butter and Jelly. And don't forget the water bottle. A stainless steel water bottle.


ib mommy said...

We got the To-Go-Ware 2 Tier Stainless Steel Food Carriers from last year. My kids love them! It has two containers separated by a removable plate. My oldest usually gets all the leftovers for lunch. After 3 years of high school lunchtime no one really gives her grief for having cold spaghetti for lunch. She compliments the box with a Klean Kanteen, a fork from home and a cloth napkin. She's the most stylish geek in her class:-)

DP Nguyen said...

When I worked for a traditional company, at first, I didn't bring my lunch and went out, but that really added up. And when I did bring my lunch, I felt better and the food was healthier.

Robj98168 said...

ib- tell Joon bug for me that geeks will inherit the earth- or buy 'cause they make so much money!

DP- I guess I forgot the healthy aspect of bringing lunch. Thanks for bringing it up!

Verde said...

OK so I'm a little distracted by the dancing banana, but I did have in mind to say that we'd bought Chibi a Bento lunch box on our trip.

Abbie said...

What a perfect post for going back to school week!

I always bring my lunch to work. My department (science) eats together and we all bring lunch. The cafe is too far away from us, so that's helpful because if you remember those school lunches... they're not the healthiest and sometimest kinda gross.

I like the leftovers when we have them... but often I'll just make a sandwich. My lettuce is out of cotnrol right now so I think I'll have to bring salads this coming week!