Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whole Foods, Aunt Verna's Back Porch, Pickles and Boysenberry Jam

my Fancy outdoor water bath canner!
It smells like my Aunt Vernas's back porch in here! And that's a good thing. I am starting pickles today. And boysenberry jam! And the pickling spice water aroma is everywhere. My aunt Verna's porch always smelled like a hybrid of Krispy kreme donuts, creme and pickles. Maybe that's because my Auntie fried the best donuts, and made pickles. The creamery smell? Well I suppose that's because she stored her farm fresh creme out there. I store jam in mine. Now about my sojourn to Whole Foods. I drove over to the Tukwila park 'n ride, got on the 150 bus, and had to stand while the driver did his best Mario Andretti impersonation. After I got done with the Metro Surfing championship, I found my self in the bus tunnel and the Westlake Center station. I climb the stairs, and proceeded to find Westlake avenue, and started down westlake. On the way I found a place to sells mg parts so there was a wasted half an hour. Not really, but it took me a half an hour in the store. I continued going down Westlake, thinking they must have closed the damn store- then I spotted a Whole Foods sign on their garage. Another block and I was in front of the Whole Foods store! If I wasn't a "foodie" before I found it, i am sure close to being one now! What a wonderful store! Deli counters take out counters, I was a bit intimidated! My impressions are Nice store- nice people working in there. Clean. I like the fact that I can find products their that I would normally have to mail order. Twist sponges, my Preserve razor blades made of recycled plastic, etc. But all that plastic- I thought I was at Trader Joe's. Although Whole Foods didn't have the ton of plastic around four peaches or apples, I don't get why it is around all the fresh herbs. I understand that they have little or no control on this- That it wont keep fresh any other way. But every thing else had nice packaging. I bought four chicken kabobs in the meat section, and of course was very impressed that they were wrapped in butcher paper. Until I got home and found the bag. Guess they don't want to stain my fabric shopping bag! I was most impressed with their take out counters. They asked me if I wanted it here or to go! (They have a lovely deck on which to eat) Anyway I told them I wanted it to go, they packed it in a box with no Styrofoam! I was needless to say impressed. I would shop there if it was anywhere near my neighborhood. But as it is it will have to be special planned trips.
Excuse me, my jam lids are pinging!


Young Snowbird said...

Great canning set-up, Rob! Is that propane?

They let you stand up on that bus? I took a greyhound once, where the driver had a comedy routine about the importance of staying seated. He said something like "This bus travels at 55 miles per hour, if you are standing in the aisle, and I have to hit the brakes, the bus will slow, but you will continue travelling at 55 mph." Description kept us all seated, I tell ya!
I'm glad you liked Whole Foods. They bought out the Wild Oats store that was a short distance from my place, and promptly closed it. Now the nearest Whole Foods is 10 miles away. Sprouts is closer, so now I go there. Sprouts is good. Its just change of routine is just so upsetting *sniff*

Robj98168 said...

YUp is propane. I just put the canner on the turkey fryer and let her rip. Yup standing room is allowed on king country metro on the freeway and every thing
I know what it's like to lose you're neighborhood store. Chang eof routine is upsetting!