Sunday, August 31, 2008

LUMBER PILE is gone!

A Burn Barrel on the
strike line

The lumber pile from the front yard is gone! Thanks to the upcoming strike at Boeing, I cut up the remaining wood pile in the front yard for the burn barrels we use on the strike line to keep warm. I am sure there are better ways to keep warm- the SPEEA union used bottle propane heaters- but this is tradition. And who wants to try and roast a weenie over a gas heater?Anyway I digress. I chopped up all the non-treated wood into burn barrel size chunks. And the leftover cedar shakes and shake pieces from the front gable.
You have to take your opportunities were they come up.
I have been waiting to get this project (get rid of the lumber pile)done for months. I put an ad on freecycle and got rid of some of the wood. Only a few jobs left to do. I need the finish the cedar shake siding on The three remaining the gables of the house and two on the garage, Install three windows and one downspout into a rain barrel. Oh yeah and some interior moulding.
Now I can completely mow the front yard. YIPPEE! No more mowing with the weedeater(I have been waiting to run the lawn mower over the whole yard for over a year now). I am almost through with the remodel. And I have already finished with the final inspection on the addition! Landscaping is next- which will be all edible plantings! And no grass in my front yard.

Not really the woodpile, but it sure felt like it when I was waiting to get rid of it!


Connie said...

Best to you there. These are interesting times indeed.

DP Nguyen said...

I totally feel you with being happy about moving the yard with a lawn mover. When our mower was broken, I had to weed whack the entire yard. It was VERY tiring. Next time, I'll hire people to mow my lawn. lol.