Saturday, August 30, 2008

Challenges Update- Borage is not an emotion

Borage ready to bloom!

As I post this weeks challenges update, I must report that my Union is getting ready to strike Boeing. Whether or not I agree that the contract offer is fair, the Union is suggesting Strike.
This is were what I have learned so far in the Independence Days challenge will come in handy!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge

1. Plant something. Nothing this week

2. Harvest something: Cucmbers, tomatoes, peas, borage leaves

3. Preserve something- dries some tarragon, some mint and froze a head of cauliflower

4. Prep something.- Mad a couple of bell cloches for fall garden, figured how to cover my pots

5.Cook something new- Ate something new... ate a pumpkin flower in my salad today

6-Manage your reserves: Qorked on storage in the garage

7- Work on local food systems- Nope

8-Compost, Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle something: a few pop bottles that I use for bel cloches- simply cut off the bottom

9-Learn a skill: nope

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ 5 MINUTE SHOWER CHALLENGE Still doing it at 5 minute or less showerwd, still catching shower warm-up water, still clean and not smelly! Started brushing teeth in shower before the water starts.


MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE Borage is ready to start blooming. Broccoli is still the same.


Young Snowbird said...

Striking Boeing - that possibility will keep you awake at night, eh? I am hoping for the best for you, Rob!

ib mommy said...

Man, that sucks. Hopefully everything will work out.... I was just telling the girls last night we should all start paying attention to what weeds are edible in our yard as that may be all they get to eat one day!

Robj98168 said...

snow- I dont think it will keep me awake as I have gone through it before- 4 times and made it through everytime.

IB- you know borage is not a weed here, I had to buy boarage seeds!

DP Nguyen said...

Hey Rob, Sorry about the strike. That is scary business. Good luck with all that.

The challenge is pretty interesting!