Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rob goes back to class!

I went to my email today and I found this class offered in my Burien parks and rec newsletter-

Simple Methods for Preserving Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Start thinking now about preserving food for winter! Consider options for food preservation so you can plan your garden for year-round eating. Come learn some safe, simple techniques for saving the flavors of summer to enjoy in the dark season of root vegetables! This class focuses on jam and jelly making, fruit canning and dehydrating fruits and vegetables. Preserving your own food saves money and provides delicious, satisfying tastes to bring back memories of summer bounty.

You know I signed up. It still cracks me up that local govenrnment has to do things like this class, things they don't teach in high school! They should have been teaching Food preservation in Junior high let alone High School. And food production. Four H wasn't even offered in my "urban" high school. Maybe that would have smartened some of the future citizens of America if they had a program in all schools that would teach these things. But I am dreaming. Hell- they can't even fund a music program in some districts, let alone an agriculture or earth conservation program. Makes me want to make up a big ol' shit burger!

Maybe our candidates can eat that!

And if any Seattle area bloggers want to join me in the class, it costs $5, and registration is online or call (206) 988-3700 it is class #9447, on Wednesday, August 13 at the Burien Community Center, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm The community center is like 2 blocks from the metro transit center in Burien!


Connie said...

Ohh that sounds like fun... perhaps there is a 2.0 version?

That will fit in nicely in your independence days blog.

Sam said...

Your jam making skills are becoming legendary in the blogosphere, and thus your brilliance.