Saturday, July 26, 2008

Challenge Check In

Sharon's Independance Days challenge-
Prep something: Labeled all the jam I have made, put it up in the pantry
Harvest something: Some radishes, dandelion greens
Manage something: Cleaning off shelving in garage for storage; Put up some apricot jam before apricots went bad.
Cook something new: Apricot Jam; 3 berry pie (Blackberry-Raspberry-Blueberry Pie)Work on Local Food Systems: the usual shopping at the farmers market.
Compost, re-use,reduce or recycle something: The usual- food scraps to the worms,compost;recycling bin, donated a bag of clothing to salvation army; put computer I bought from Dell up for sale, Sewed some buttons on shirts for work. Repaired old jacket!
Learn a skill: No learning here this week!

Chile's Peak Oil Addiction Challenge- Still no pop. Drinking Mojitos!
Non-Alcholic Mojito
Juice of 3 limes. Save four slices of lime to decorate with.

3 Tbs of fresh mint leaves and more to decorate
Dark sugar or artificial sweeter (I use brown sugar twin)
About 24 ounces of diet or regular sprite or soda water

Mix the lime juice with water and sugar.

Press or muddle the mint leaves to extract a little bit of their juice (essential oil) and mix it. If you want extra mint flavor, you may add mint extract or if you are familiar with cooking with essential oils you may add a few drops of mint essential oil. Put all in a shaker with ice to chill. Shake. Serve with ice and decorate with the mint leaves. Turn this into a regular mojito simply by adding a shot of light rum!

Crunchy Green Goddess's Shower Challenge Still 5 minutes or less per shower- still catching the warm up water in bucket! Did this this week even though I am still angry about finding out that Catching water in a rain barrel may be illegal in Washington state LOL I save my water in protest!

Crunchy Chicken's keep yer cool challenge- Still sweating more than a chicken being chased by Col. Sanders

Melinda's Growing Challenge My borage is up! not real big, but up! Hot Damn!


Chile said...

The mojito with sparkling water sounds good!

Connie said...

Oh man, I learned about the Mojito thing on a totally wastefull cruise that I gota at a blog giveaway. I'd never had one before but was sure to have quite a few on my way to Mexico!

Chile said...

Hey Rob! I stumbled across a recipe for Prickly Pear mojito today and thought of you.