Sunday, July 20, 2008

a little reuse for ya

I pretty much live on my scooter during the warm weather, opting for my MGB, (yes the sexy car behind the scooter) on longer trips. Anyway I decided I needed a basket. It's not easy driving while keeping groceries wedged between your thighs. And I didn't want the typical "milkcrate".

So i checked the prices for baskets and trunks and decided I didn't need one that bad. Then I came across this basket in my garage

So I went to the workbench and made a system to mount it on my rack and Voila! A neat basket that isn't a milk crate! Cost- Basket, which someone gifted me, $0.00, mounting hardware, all parts that I had around the garage- negligible, labor- myself- free- $0.00! Total cost-FREE!! And you can't beat that price!

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