Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Update!!!

(Oregon Grapes

WHAT HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK: Lets see, got the addition I put on house approved by the city (final inspection- now i Can legally occupy my living room!); Need to look into city rules on keeping chickens. Saturday found a new problem with house- No Power in my bedroom! Was at Lowes to get some parts for that problem and found they had a closeout sale! I got an elderberry bush for $1.49! and I got some light fixture medallions for $2 a piece!

Sharon's Independance Day's Challenge:
Plant something: Planted Elderberry bush I got at Lowes; planted wedding seeds I got from cousins daughter’s wedding- The table assignments were on packets of seeds

Prep something: Ordered jar lid sealers for my FoodSaver system after reading chile’s post on them… I had forgotten that I could do that with my Food Saver!

Store something:Ground and froze zuchinni for bread
Harvest something:Hmmm… used radish greens and chard greens (thinnings) picked some dandelion greens and added them to a salad, picked some Oregon Grapes I found growing at a gas station and put those into the salad

Manage something: Got Yard and food waste bin added to my garbage service!
Cook something new: Made an Low Sugar Apple crisp- was delicous, made a couple of loaves of zucchinni bread

Work on Local Food Systems: Bought some zucchinni at the farmers market

Compost something, Reuse. reduce, recycle: Got Yard and food waste bin added to my garbage service! Took old non working Laptop to REPC for recycling.

Learn a skill:Nothing

Crunchy Green Goddess's Shower Challenge Still 5 minutes or less per shower- still catching the warm up wter in bucket!

Chile's Peak Oil Addiction challenge- still no sodas!

Crunchy chicksters “My ass is melting challenge”- I'm melting! Melting! LOL! BUt after reading chile's posts about the heat in the desert, I don't think I will complain about my 80 degree weather- And I have been able to keep the house at around 75 using my ceiling fan and strategically opening doors and windows.


Chile said...

You'll love the jar sealer, Rob. My new machine came with a small quantity of bags and a roll of plastic. After doing the jars, my head was spinning thinking about all the stuff I could vacuum up!

Congrats on the soda. You're good at these challenges, aren't you?! Gonna have to make the next one harder.

Robj98168 said...

I already love the jar sealer- haven't found anything to seal other than some marshmallows so I can do my own infomerrcial!