Friday, July 18, 2008


As I lay in the bed, I took the drop of sweet sticky warm jam that lay suggestively on my finger up to my lips...touched my toungue with my finger and...

I learned how to make Loganberry Jam last night. And I found the instructions on how to make a potato condo. Combine the two, and you have a potato jam!

I first saw the potato condo on THE SHIBA GUYZ blog. But no instructions. SO I googled around and found how to make a potato condo! The Jam- I bought half a flat of loganberries at the farmers market yesterday, and thought - now what? After a good couple of hours of googling loganberries, I decided- Pie or Jam- Pie I know, is easy and can be frozen. But I gathered my guts, (and spatulas, canning jars, what have you) and decided to make some jam. Don't know if it set but if it didn't it is supposedly good for pancakes or waffles and as a milk shake ingredient.
UPDATE- My Jam set! I am Rob, King of The Jam! Woohoo! Bring on the cukes! Pickles next!


Anonymous said...

You rock! Loganberries, I don't even think I've ever seen one. My middle son is named Logan! Thanks for the seedballz, I just can't wait to plant them. Keep up the inspo, bro!

Melissa said...

wow, nice work. I've made jam several times and it only sets about half the time, so very impressive! enjoy!