Monday, July 14, 2008

Now I shall pay!

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The little electrical problem in my bedroom has put me at a quandary- I have to clean up the bedroom before calling an electrician. That means all the clothes that squiggled their way under the bed, the books on my bookshelf, and *GASP!* the bathroom. No not the bathroom. That is, if I can't find the problem myself. And believe me I am trying. Oh damn Chile- why didn't I do this when I was doing your no clutter challenge?? Oh well- Just takes persistence! I find strange things in my bedroom- like why do I have a box of 1966 Plymouth Valiant parts in there? OR Why is there a box with two drive-in movie speakers in there? What the hell was growing in that bowl?


Anonymous said...

I hear you, Rob. I'm on my way to clean my two bathrooms. I'd rather do just about anything else! It's a gorgeous day here in So Cal, and I would rather go to the beach! That's funny about the Valiant parts! Have fun today...

MeadowLark said...

I feel your pain. Cleaning the bedroom is SOOOO not on my list, and the bathroom is only a bit above that.

If swear if we had a robbery at our house, I would have to de-clutter the bedroom before the police arrived so they wouldn't think it had been ransacked. :)

You know, you could just do it tomorrow.