Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken farmin' in yer spare time!

so...who is the crunchy one NOW?!?

MetroHippie has found a cool product that he reviewed- The Omelit Eglu chicken house with chicken run. A prefab Hen house that looks great, is sturdy and comes with a chicken run. Perfect setup for Urban Chickens! They also have a rabbit version so keep Crunchy away!

They have thought of everything for keeping pet chickens- according to the website "The eglu is a modern home for up to 4 medium size chickens or up to 6 bantams and is a stylish and practical addition to any backyard. Designed to be the house that the chickens themselves would choose,"now, really I must interject- chickens would chose this design?- damn, designer chickens! "Through its clever design the eglu also makes light work of the chores leaving you more time to enjoy these wonderful pets. The eglu has wooden perching bars and a generous nesting box for egg laying - all the practical features that your chickens need. As well as this come thoughtful extras such as the modern twin walled insulation and draught free ventilation that keeps your chickens warm in winter and cool in the summer." And it looks as though everything is designed for easy clean up! Just remember the words of the old Cab Calloway song- "a chicken ain't nuthing but a bird!"

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Chile said...

There's a chicken farm along the freeway near us. They use something that looks like that product but I think they're actually the blue igloo-shaped dog houses. They've been there for years, too, probably before this doohickey came out.

I wonder why the nearby llama and alpaca farm doesn't use them. Oh yeah, they wouldn't fit inside. ;-)