Friday, November 7, 2008

Tiny Old House Seal the Leaks Challenge final update!

Stop The Leaks final update- This was a great challenge to me to do some work on the house- First and foremost was caulking all the windows and doors, then adding the duo-pane window in the kitchen and finally adding the siding to the north gable of the house, as well as insulting the window in the master bath (the only non dou-pane window left in the house). The house is warmer and less drafty. Thanks Jennifer!


Chile said...

Congratulations on all your hard work. Should make the winter much nicer!

When we remodeled the house my mother-in-law lives in, we used an entire case of caulk. I also used silicone to seal up several holes in the windows. (We didn't want to replace the windows because they are the original art deco panes.) When the first winter came, she told us there was a huge difference. There was also a big difference year round in the amount of dust that blew into the house. (We have dust in Arizona. Lots and lots of dust.)

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I've not been doing so well... right now I'm avoiding cutting trim peices to seal outside gaps!

Chile~ I'm so glad you left the original windows!