Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update

Kinda of a blah week as you can tell!
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 22

Plant something: Nope
Prep something: Nope
Harvest something: A few peas that’s it
Manage something: Got the Christmas junk down in the garage; put away Halloween stuff
Cook Something New: Didn’t cook at all this week
Work on Local Food Systems: Nope
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Well the one place I did something, I put pizza boxes and such in the yard waste bin, read about making a decorative fence out of wine bottles- You bury them upside down! I saw it at Debbie's Artful Inspirations blog- Sounds cool so I am thinking about it. Re-Used some glass bottles for water storage.
Learn a skill: Went and took the fourth class in the WSU Extension program- How to make a Raingarden- have been deciding if I should attempt this or not- About the only place it would make any sense is the front yard- maybe one around the garage area!

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Boy was I ever bad at this during the week: I bought a new pair of jeans (When I see my size and inseam and on sale for $8 I usually jump on it) Bought some Christmas presents this week as well- None of them used or pre-owned. But I am pretty much done Christmas shopping. Am getting over the If I buy one for someone else I should buy one for myself!

Beansprout's Make a Christmas Gift Challenge: As I said last Sunday, I decided not to make mom a Murphy bed- But I did buy her an air bed that makes its own box spring- has it’s own air pump, and is small enough to fit in one her dresser drawers with all the linens – just as good as making a big Murphy bed. Get about halfway done on her head board, need to get started on her clock- got the clock works for it now so need to get busy!

Crunchy’s Freeze Yer Balls off Challenge: Still at 65 when awake or here, 55 when gone or asleep. Still waiting on new programmable thermostat- suppose to be here on Tuesday!

Sergeant Chile’s Operation Clean Out- Didn’t accomplish much here either- except got the Christmas stuff down in the garage and the Halloween stuff back up.


Prudent Homemaker said...

red onions
grass seed in places where the grubs ate the roots

Prep something: washed fabric for cloth diapers

Harvested: turnips, swiss chard, green onions, Genovese basil, tomatoes, butternut squash, cucumbers, bell peppers

Manage something: I put away the canning jars after canning.

Cook Something New: Same things as I usually cook, but I did take pictures this week to add to my website of my gingerbread pancakes and my tuscan tomato bread soup. Now I just have to type up the recipe for the pancakes and crop all the photos.

Recycle, etc: I canned 50 quarts of applesauce, about 20 pints of bananas, and made pomegranate jelly. The apples and bananas were going bad and were going to be thrown out; they were given to me from some small stores. I cut out the bad spots and canned them. The pomegranates I gleaned from someone who was not going to use them and canned about 12 jelly jars.

Also, I planted violets from the house of a friend who is losing her house; when the water goes of they would die there.

Learn a skill: I learned how to can bananas. The baby is thrilled.

On the other challenges: I cleaned the garage. I didn't get any gifts sewn because I was canning.
And it's beautiful weather here; the windows are open.

debbie bailey said...

I'd really like to join your challenge. How do I put the badge on my blog?

Robj98168 said...

debbie- you simply right click with your mouse over the badge press save, and then upload it to your blog/homepage- Sorry I don't know how to give you a paste code to put it up!