Sunday, November 16, 2008

Make Do and Mend Check In

Make Do and Mend Challenge:Well everyone- I had a tough week- got nothing repaired at home. In fact I didn't get much of anything done this week at all. Suppose I was bummed out all week over Binky. But a new week starts tomorrow! How did everyone else do?


fullfreezer said...

Not a great week here either. Tried to repair a handle on one of the lids for a frying pan. No success. We have numerous plastic adhesives and solvents and thought we had the right one to work on this 25 y/o plastic. Got it to stay on for a while but it soon broke again. Got supplies for the hubby to repair the chimney cap but the weather didn't cooperate. Too cold, windy an damp to try to repair a chimney two and a half stories up. :(

ib mommy said...

Let's see,

Still have Duck Tape on the Yaris.

Now have Duck Tape on vacuum cleaner handle which won't stay attached to the nozzle.

Still using same vacuum cleaner bag. Perhaps we should just vacuum the dogs before all the fur hits the floor.

Rearranged living room furniture and decided window needed a little pizazz. Used fabric I bought 5 or 6 years ago and hung with wall sconces that were shoved under the bathroom sink!

Broke favorite Pampered Chef stoneware baking dish but don't think it's fixable. Thought briefly of super glue but don't want to experiment with oven baked super glue fumes.

Hope you are feeling better this week:)

Chile said...

My sweetie is the one doing most of the repairs. He epoxied a small crack in the on-faucet water filter. We'll install it tonight to see if it worked. He is also building me a replacement pull-out clothesline box. The cheap plastic one I've used for a year broke last week. (We're in a rental and can't install a real clothesline.)

I always "make do" so it's hard to remember particular things I've done. I saved bok choy stems yesterday when I cooked the leafy parts, and will use the stems to replace cabbage in a radish/cabbage pickle recipe. I made do covering up ugly boxes in the room I used for guests by covering them with a used lacy tablecloth that I originally purchased (and used) to shade plants.

greeen sheeep said...

The only mending I did last week was on myself. I was quite ill for over a week, but I think I'm finally on the mend. ha ha

Hubby fixed two of our faucet handles that were loose. Oh, he also fixed the back downspout that had come off the house.

I have a repair question for you. The paint on the bottom of our microwave, under the turntable, is coming off. The microwave works fine and I really don't want to buy a new one, but it keeps getting worse and now it's rusting. Can I repaint it? Does it have to be a specific type of paint due to food and microwaves? Anybody know?

Verde said...

I don't feel as if I've accomplished much. Missed your blogging and figured you were bummed about the little dog. It takes a while to pass.

Mary said...

Nothing finished yet, but I'm working on re-covering a 100 year old lampshade. Hope to finish tonight!

Fleecenik Farm said...

Well, I made do with left overs this week. I had cleaned my refridgerator the week before and found several new species rising from the primordial soup that had been brewing int he soup pot. So I was able to use all the left overs in other meals; either served as lunch the next day or repurposed in a stew.

Robj98168 said...

Full freezer- Tell your hubby to be careful when fixing that cimney-2 1/2 stories is a long way down

IBMommy- You don't know how I appreciate the use of duct tape on your yaris! Duct tape rocks! truly a "Red Green" repair!

Chile- Bravo on he use of lacy tablecloths to cover up boxes- my favorate repair!

Greeen Sheeep- I would think standard aplliance epoxy paint would be sufficient for that job- don't know if you need automotive (High Heat) paint or not- Anyone know?

Verde- I am doing better. I was just a bit bummed. Thank You for your concern and kind words.

Mary- Make sure you post a pic of your 100 year old lampshade- that is too neat

Fleecenik- I can appreciate cleaning out the fridge- my mom likes to tell of my grandma (dad's mom) using everything in the fridge , modly or not, to make soup.(Grandma wasn't known for her cooking skills) Nobody ever died from eating her soup though.

Prudent Homemaker said...

Looks like I have had more things get holes than were mended. Nevertheless, I have mended a Halloween costume and 2 jumpers.

Anonymous said...

We are doing fairly well, especially considering how utterly crummy some of us feel.

Duct taped the bottom fridge door shelf in place.

Superglued the wand back on my immersion blender.

We used iron on stuff and old bandannas to patch D's favorite jeans.

My husbands favorite chair had a tear in the cover so we made a new cover for it and the footstool. I used fabric I had bought on sale quite a while when we rescued our barstools from the curb and re-furbished them. I have enough leftover to make window blankets for the basement windows and to recover some old throw pillows.

We made window blankets from several top sheets we had kicking around the house which had lost their mates.