Saturday, November 29, 2008

In Search of Hai Karate

See dad, if you hang on to it for a long time it is worth big $$$$!!!
Today I was thinking of the gifts I use to give as a child in the 60's and immediateley thought about Hai Karate- Hai Karate bids starts at 9.99 for a 30 year old bottle of Hai Karate. Shit- I use to buy this crap for my dad back in the 60's- he would always open it up and karate chop the piano. Just like they did in the commercials. One bottle of this has a current bid of $50.00 (thats $12.50 per ounce) Who woulda thunk that Hai Karate could be more expensive than, say Pierre Cardin (my fragrance when I am trying to hide the plumber stink)? So don't say no to aqua velva, or old spice- You hang on to it long enough it will be a valuble gift!

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BusyDad said...

HAHA! As I child of the 70's I completely missed out on this!! Axe body spray has got nothin on Hai Karate!