Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make Do and Mend Check In

Make Do and Mend Challenge:Lets see- this week I repaired one of my rain barrels, (the hose came off- I needed to put a new hose clamp on it) and I repaired the passenger "make-Up" mirror in the Suzuki- A little hot glue and I can fix anything! Hot Glue and Hot Glue Guns are the Craft Shops answer to Duct Tape. And I learned this week that IBMommy does her auto body work with Duct Tape! LOL She gets points for originality and the use of Duct Tape- how did every one else fair?


Chile said...

I successfully fixed a couple of loose rubber strips in the vehicle with silicone. I failed at my first darning attempt because the patch would have needed to cover the entire heel section of the sock. Note to self: start small next time.

fullfreezer said...

A pretty slow week for me, I think. I sewed a button back on a skirt but don't remember if there were any other repairs. There was lots of making do. My daughter went to school with mismatched gloves this morning because she lost one the first time she wore them (she hemmorhages gloves at times, I think) and I refused to buy her another pair. At 14, she embraces being 'different' so it didn't really faze her.

Verde said...

I didn't want to buy a $42 (plus shipping) killing cone for the chickens so went next door and got plastic grocery sacks, and cut out the corner to make a cone.

I found I didn't need all the fancy tools they want to sell you for home butchering. A box cutter for killing and a sharp knife for gutting was all we needed.